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F.A.I.R. Access Application Form

F.A.I.R. Access

F.A.I.R. Access (Fee Assistance in Recreation) is a confidential fee assistance program for residents of Aurora to use for meaningful access to recreation programs and memberships. Qualifying Town of Aurora residents may receive up to $250 per person per calendar year to use towards a recreational program of their choice.  Residents qualify based on their LIM (Low Income Measure) as per Statistics Canada.

Application Timing & Processes

The approximate processing time for Fee Assistance applications is 2-4 weeks from the time of submission. We strongly advise that families apply well in advance (minimum 4 weeks) before the designated registration start date of the program you wish to register for. You will be notified by a Town Employee via phone or email advising you of your application status. Funding is not retroactive, and cannot be applied or used towards registrations made prior to funding approval.


PART 1: Applicant Information


PART 2: Statistics Canada – Low Income Measure

Low Income Measures (LIM)
Household Size After-Tax Income Household Size After-Tax Income
1 person $25,153 6 people $61,612
2 people $35,572 7 people $66,549
3 people $43,566 8 people $71,143
4 people $50,306 9 people $75,459
5 people $56,244 10 people $79,541


The Low Income Measures (LIMs) are a set of thresholds estimated by Statistics Canada that identify Canadians whose incomes are below half of the median of the adjusted income distribution. To be eligible for F.A.I.R. Access Funding, your family income (after taxes) must be below or at the income listed above in the Statistics Canada Low Income Measure cut-off table.  Family size includes you, spouse, partner, and dependents living in the household.

PART 3: Household Members

List all family members including yourself and any dependents. On the right hand side, indicate which persons within the household you are requesting funding for (up to $250 per person per year).

PART 4: Supporting Documents

Each application must include at least 1 (ONE) document from Sections 1 and 2.


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