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Hydrant Meter Permit


Applicant Information

A deposit in the amount of $2,200 payable to The Town of Aurora, is to be provided in order to use a Hydrant Meter. This deposit will be held on account throughout the duration of the permit use. This deposit must be paid by cheque.

Water is supplied at a cost of $5.14 per cubic meter. Rates are subject to change, based on the approval of Town Council.

Invoicing will be done monthly and sent over email. Payments are to be made within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. If payment is not made, your access to the Bulk Water Station will be denied.

The Fire Hydrants meters are subject to an additional daily rental fee of $3 per day. You will be invoiced for all water consumption and meter rentals at the end of the season, in November. The security deposit will be held until such time as the hydrant meter(s) are returned and all invoices are paid in full.

The applicant is responsible for the hydrant meter, and for all water registered on the assigned meter. In order for an account to be completely closed, all meters must be returned. Until such time the meters are returned, the account holder may still be liable for any water usage registering on the assigned meter.

Hydrant Meters will be locked to an approved location and will only be available during the period of May 1st through November 1st. The applicant is responsible to ensure the safety of the meter, and fire hydrant. Should any loss, theft or damage occur to either, the meter, or fire hydrant, the cost of replacement or repair will be deducted from the permit deposit. Please contact our office upon completion of your project to have the meter removed. The $3 daily rental fee will continue to be assessed until such time as you have contacted our office for removal.

As hydrant meter acts as back-flow prevention it is understood that the meter is to remain in place at all time and no water is to be taken from hydrant at any time without meter in place.

Updated September 2, 2022


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