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Tree Permit Application

Application to Permit the Injury or Destruction of Of Trees on Private Property

The personal information on this form is collected under Bylaw 5850-16 and will be used for the purposes of this application only. Questions should be directed to the Freedom of Information Co-ordinator, Office of the Town Clerk, 100 John West Way, Box 1000, Aurora, Ontario L4G 6J1, Tel. 905-727-3123.
The Owner acknowledges and agrees that nesting birds will not be harmed or disturbed, and that nests or eggs of migratory birds are not disturbed, destroyed or removed in contravention of any applicable legislation, including but not limited to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997, S.O., c. 41, as amended or successor thereto and the Migratory Birds Convention Act 1994, c. 22, as amended or successor thereto.


Instructions for Completion of Application:

  1. Municipal address: Street name and number must be included for applications to be considered complete.
  2. Provide an Arborist Report completed by an Arborist as defined in the by-law, at the discretion of the Parks Manager.
  3. If replanting, provide 2 copies of the replanting plan or landscape plan.
  4. Payment of Fees is required.
  5. Written consent is necessary from an adjacent property owner where the base of a tree straddles a property line.
  6. If this application is signed by an applicant other than the owner, or by an agent, the written authorization of the owner is required.
  7. File this application and other supporting documentation to the Operations Department, Parks Division, 100 John West Way Aurora, Ontario
I am applying for a permit to remove tree/s on private property (please check one)

Applicant Information


Are the tree(s) located on or near any neighbouring property line resulting in the joint ownership of the tree(s
Reason why trees are being injured or removed. Please select:

Fee Requirements:

If all trees are considered dead, dying or hazardous by the Parks Manager, there is no fee but a permit must still be obtained.

Please choose one (1) of the below

(Methods of payment cheque only. Fees are non-refundable and must be remitted at the time of initial permit application)


Trees over 20cm in diameter
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I/we hereby declare that I/we have read and understand the required procedures and provisions under the Town of Aurora’s Private Tree By-law and the statements and plans  made by me upon this application are, to the best of my belief and knowledge, a true and complete representation of the purpose and intent of this application. I consent to allowing Town of Aurora employees to enter the property to conduct inspections

Does the trunk of the tree/s at ground level bisect or straddle a property line?

Please provide the supporting documents found in the below attachment:

Part A (Tree and Site Information) and Part B (Sketch of Property)


Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

Part C (Arborist Confirmation)

I/We certify that the information in parts A, B & C are correct.